How to mantain an aquarium

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Cleaning the tank.

                    To clean your tank buy a siphon from your local fish store. The first thing you should do is shut off all power in the tank, so the heater doesn't crack.When you are ready to clean the tank put the big part of the syphon in the tank then suck holding your mouth near the end of syphon sticking out of the water.Then aim it for a bucket . The tanks water will slowly begin to drain.  Jam the large part of the siphon int othe gravel, and all of the wastes will be sucked up, and none will float in the tank.  Once about 10% to 20% is drained out, get new water from your sink, dechlorinate it, and and pour it into the tank.  Do this every 2 weeks.


Feeding Fish.

Feed your fish once or twice daily only as much food that they can eat in 2 minutes.  Feeding time is a great time to check your fish for any health issues they may have.


Testing water.

                         About once a week for an experienced tank and about every 3 days for new tanks you should test your tanks water for pH and  ammonia. Do this by buying a test kit from your local fish store then follow the guide lines on the box.  Amonia levels should be between 0.0- 0.25, if above 0.25, do a water change, or buy some amonia remover and follow the directions on the bottle. pH should be between 6.0- 8.0.

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