Catfish and algee eaters

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    Cat fish make a great addition to any fish tank.

 See a fish you like?  Thinking about getting it?  Vote for that fish in the fish of the week contest,  and all the info you need will be provided.  See the "Fish Of The Week" page for more info. 

1.   Upside down catfish

   Upside down catfish are a very fun fish to have in an aquarium due to the fact that they usually swim upside down.They go well in most community tanks and do accept food from the surface.They are also nocturnal and the tank should have a piece of drift wood or a cave for them to hide in during the day.


                                                     due to variations your item may not look idntical to the one shown here

2. Cordayas Catfish 

           Cordayas Catfish are a beautiful species of catfish that can be kept in most types of tanks.  They come in many different variaties and colors.  These catfish have wiskers to search for food with, and tough scales to protect themselves.  They will scavenge for uneaten food, but it is best to put in sinking pellets for them.Be carefull when netting these fish, for they can get easily tangled in it, and will be stuck.  Many more variates are avalable then shown.

Bronze Cories

 Panda cory

Peppered cory 

3.  Iridescent sharks

                 The iridescent shark is a species of catfish, because it has whiskers and scavanges the bottom for food.  These are pecefull fish that go well in a communnity or semi aggressive tank.  These fish will get very large over a few years, so be sure to buy them small.  When stressed out, they will lie, motionless, on the gravel.   They are not dead.  They will stay like this until they are comfortable again.  When they swim, they wag their tails back and forth, and go up and down the sides of the tank.  An albino version is also avaliable.


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